– About us –

LEGAL-NOMADS, a tailor-made law firm for French expatriates and foreign investors.

LEGAL-NOMADS is a Law Firm dedicated to natural or legal persons established outside of France, whose interests – whether by law or by choice – are governed by French law. This may include French expatriates, non-residents or still of foreign nationality, who own or wish to invest in a property located in France.
Therefore, our customers are mainly ‘neonomads’. Yes, neonomads, because while migratory flows have existed since the dawn of time, they are now expressed in new forms and in an unprecedented legal and economic context.
This new context more than ever requires one to stay duly informed and advised by genuine law professionals. Do not be satisfied with mere, generic information that is unreliable or not adapted, and do not think you are protected from trouble if you take advice from individuals who are not qualified to deliver legal assistance. Legal advice is not an activity that can be improvised. Only refer to experts who are qualified in specific areas and who perform as registered and independent professionals.
Your interests deserve it.

Our expertise: delivering customised legal solutions at a human scale.

The expertise of LEGAL-NOMADS Law firm makes it possible to offer professional legal solutions that are customised at a human scale, enabling ‘Entrepreneurship without borders’ and allowing you to ‘Protect your family’ and ‘Protect your assets’. It is because we ourselves know neonomadism that we are best entitled to identity the administrative, legal, geographic and even cultural difficulties and constraints that international business implies. After all, who better than a neonomad to advise a neonomad?

– Our commitment –

With our dedicated services, we back you up with the right advice when you take the big international step, all thanks to our independent and transparent legal advice.

Financial transparency

Thanks to our fee packages, there are no surprises or worries to have concerning the final amount.
There are two payment options:
• full payment upon opening a record ;
• payment in 2 settlements, 50% when opening the record and 50% once advice has been provided.

Record follow-up transparency

You will systematically be informed of your record’s status. It will be processed in 6 major steps.

Intellectual transparency

Without ever compromising on their quality nor on their high technicality, all our legal advice is written using plain and understandable language. This approach will help you understand the often complex situations that you may face, and thus make the most adequate decision according to your specific predicament.


– Team/Network –

Rosiane Houngbo-Monteverde


Lawyer at the Bar of Paris

Master’s degree in real estate law
Master’s degree in corporate law

English / Italian / French

Rosiane Houngbo-Monteverde

Rosiane was born from neonomads, becoming a neonomad herself. Born in Paris, her links to law date back to her childhood. At the age of 8, she already knew she would become a lawyer. This certainty never left her. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Corporate law and a Master’s degree in Real Estate law from La Sorbonne university. She then passed the entrance exam to the Ecole des avocats de Paris (the Paris Shool of Lawyers) in 2007, and took her oath before the Bar of Paris.

Her professional career began in CAC 40-listed companies (Engie, Total) as well as Anglo-Saxon law firms (Jones Day, Hogan-Lovells), where she delivered business law advice. However, her passion for pleading and litigation remained strong. She therefore joined a French firm, a niche (Zurfluh-Lebatteux et Associés). She dealt with advice and litigation issues, defending the interests of important companies but also those of private individuals.

In 2012-2013, she joined her husband as part of his relocation to Bahrain, where she served as a lawyer in a regional business firm (ASAR Legal). At the same time as this position and after close contact with the French community and lovers of France, the idea of launching a dedicated firm to Foreign investors and French expatriates came to mind. In 2016, she founded the LEGAL-NOMADS law firm. She is proficient in English, French and Italian.

When she’s not wading through paperwork or exploring new service potentials for her customers, Rosiane enjoys spending time with her family, playing the piano and singing her heart out.

A Network of Lawyers

Legal-Nomads is also a network of expert Lawyers, all experienced and qualified to practice the profession of Lawyer in France or abroad. We naturally have partners in France but also in South Africa, Germany, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom and even Singapore.

We all believe in the corporate culture and values of our firm: to practice our profession with passion in compliance with pragmatism, professionalism and humanity standards.

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